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   BCI2000 is originally a DOS program, but it works 100% in Windows 8 or later OS environments. BRECHTCODE celebrates the 120th anniversary of Brecht, and to help more active humanities and social science research in Korea, BCI2000, which has already been worked on, is tailored to the user's needs Brecht's complete collection (of course, other texts are also available) We publish services so that you can download and use programs by genre. (However, after registering as a BRECHTCODE member, personally request a password of    through Please.) 

      Terminology needed for research without directly downloading BCI2000The indexes related to <digital index> From,  original source data service,   ASCII-CODE text, word text, PDF format Text in the format you want to use, down to <Special Computing Service>You can receive a separate service through  

“Wer sucht, findet nicht, aber wer nicht sucht, wird gefunden.”

Franz Kafka

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