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Brecht Code Standard Terms of Use for Digital Contents


      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Chapter 1 General Provisions

 Article 1 (Purpose) These terms and conditions govern digital content (hereinafter referred to as “content”) provided online by “Brecht Code” and all The purpose is to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities between the company and users in relation to the use of the service.

 Article 2 (Definitions) The definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.

1. "Brecht Code" refers to a person who engages in economic activities related to the "contents" industry and provides content and services.

2. "User" refers to members and non-members who access the site of "Brecht Code" and use the "contents" and services provided by "Brecht Code" in accordance with these terms and conditions.

3. "Member" means a "user" who has signed a contract with "Brecht Code" and has been given a "user" ID, continuously receives information of "Brecht Code" and provides A person who can continuously use the service.

4. "Non-member" refers to a person who is not a "member" and uses the service provided by "Brecht Code".

5. "Contents" refers to information expressed in codes, texts, voices, sounds, images or images used in the information and communications network pursuant to Article 2, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. Data or information, which has been produced or processed in electronic form to increase its effectiveness in preservation and use.

6. "ID" refers to a combination of letters or numbers determined by a "member" and approved by the "Brecht Code" for identification and service use of a "member".

7. "PASSWORD" refers to a combination of letters or numbers set by the "member" to confirm that the "member" is a "member" that matches the "ID" given and to protect confidentiality.

 Article 3 (Provision of identity information, etc.) "Brecht Code" refers to the contents of these terms and conditions, trade name, representative name, business address (consumer's (including the address where complaints can be handled), phone number, fax number, e-mail address, business registration number, mail-order business report number, and the person in charge of personal information management are displayed on the initial screen of the online service so that users can easily know them. Post. However, the terms and conditions can be viewed by the user through the connection screen.

 Article 4 (posting of terms and conditions) ① "Brecht Code" means that "members" can print these terms and conditions in their entirety, and We take technical measures so that you can check the contents of the terms and conditions.

② "Brecht Code" installs technical devices so that "users" can inquire and respond to "company" and the contents of these terms and conditions.

③ "Brecht Code" provides a separate connection screen or pop-up screen so that users can easily understand important contents such as subscription withdrawal and refund conditions among the contents set forth in the terms and conditions before "users" agree to the terms and conditions. Ask for confirmation from the user.

 Article 5 (Amendment of Terms and Conditions, etc.) ① "Brecht Code" refers to the Online Digital Content Industry Development Act, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Terms and Conditions These Terms and Conditions may be amended to the extent that they do not violate relevant laws, such as the Act on the Regulation of

② If "Brecht Code" revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the revision are specified, and the current terms and conditions are notified on the initial screen of the service from 7 days before the date of application to a considerable period after the date of application, and existing members are notified of the revised terms and conditions. It is sent to your e-mail address.

③ In the event that the "Company" amends the terms and conditions, after notifying the revised terms and conditions, it is confirmed whether the "user" agrees to the application of the revised terms and conditions. If the "user" does not agree to the application of the revised terms, "Brechtkod" or "user" may terminate the content use agreement. 

 Article 6 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions)  Regarding matters not specified in these terms and conditions and interpretation of these terms and conditions, the Online Digital Contents Industry Development Act, e-commerce In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Digital Content User Protection Guidelines set forth in the Online Distribution Act, and other related laws or commercial practices.

      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Chapter 2 Sign up

 Article 7 (Membership Sign-up) ① Membership sign-up occurs after the "user" agrees to the terms and conditions and applies for membership, and then "Brecht Code " is concluded by accepting these applications.

② The following information must be included in the membership application form. Items 1 to 3 are mandatory, and the others are optional.

1. Name and resident registration number of "member" or personal identification number on the Internet

2. "ID" and "Password"

3. Email address

4. Type of "Content" you want to use

5. Other matters deemed necessary by the "Brecht Code"

③ In principle, "Brecht Code" accepts membership registration for the application of the above "user". However, "Company" may not accept applications that fall under any of the following subparagraphs.

1. If the applicant for membership has previously lost membership in accordance with these terms and conditions

2. If it is not a real name or someone else's name is used

3. If false information is entered or the content suggested by the "Brecht Code" is not entered

4. In case approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the user or if the application is made in violation of other regulations

④ "Company" may withhold approval if there is no room for service-related facilities or if there is a technical or business problem.

⑤ If the application for membership is not approved or withheld in accordance with paragraphs 3 and 4, "Brecht Code" must notify the applicant. Exceptions are made when it is impossible to notify the applicant without reasons attributable to the "Brecht Code".

⑥ The time of establishment of the membership contract is when the consent of the "Brecht Code" reaches the "user".

 Article 8 (Special Rules Regarding Membership Sign-up of Minors) ① "Users" under the age of 14 shall be sufficiently informed about the purpose of collection and use of personal information. You must be familiar with it and obtain the consent of your legal representative, such as your parents, before applying for membership and providing your personal information.

② "Brecht Code" cancels or disallows subscription for users under the age of 14 who have not gone through the confirmation process for the consent of legal representatives such as parents.

③ Legal representatives, such as parents of "users" under the age of 14, may request access to, correction, or renewal of personal information about children, or withdraw consent to membership. Action must be taken.

 Article 9 (Change of member information) ① "Members" can view and modify their personal information at any time through the personal information management screen.

② "Members" must make corrections online or notify the "Brecht Code" of the changes by e-mail or other methods if the information entered at the time of membership application is changed.

③ "Company" is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not notifying "Company" of the changes in Paragraph 2.

 Article 10 (Obligations for managing “ID” and “Password” of “Member”) ① “ID” and “Password” of “Member” Responsibility for management of "is with the "member", and it should not be used by a third party.

② "Members" must immediately notify "Brecht Code" and follow the instructions of "Brecht Code" if they recognize that "ID" and "Password" have been stolen or used by a third party.

③ In the case of Paragraph 2, the "Member" does not notify the "Brecht Code" or, even if notified, "Brecht Code" is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not following the instructions of the "Brecht Code".

 Article 11 (Notification to "Members") ① In case "Brecht Code" notifies "Members", electronic information specified by "Members" You can do this by mailing address.

② "Brecht Code" can be substituted for the notice in Paragraph 1 by posting on the bulletin board of "Brecht Code" for more than 7 days in the case of notification to all "members". However, notices in Paragraph 1 will be given for matters that have a significant impact on the transactions of the "member" himself/herself.

 Article 12 (withdrawal of membership and loss of qualification, etc.) ① "Members" may request withdrawal from the "Blecht Code" at any time, and "Brecht Code" will immediately process membership withdrawal.

② If a "member" falls under any of the following reasons, "Brecht Code" may restrict or suspend membership.

1. In the case of registering false information when applying for membership

2. In the event that the member does not fulfill the obligations borne by the member in relation to the service usage fee of "Brecht Code" and other service use of "Brecht Code"

3. Threatening e-commerce order, such as interfering with other people's use of the "Brecht Code" service or stealing the information

4. In the case of using the "Brecht Code" to act against the law or these terms and conditions, or against public order and morals

③ After the "Company" restricts or suspends membership, if the same action is repeated twice or more, or if the cause is not corrected within 30 days, "Company" may lose membership.

④ If "Brecht Code" loses membership, membership registration is canceled. In this case, the "member" is notified of this and given an opportunity to explain by setting a period of at least 30 days or more before membership registration is canceled.

      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Chapter 3 Content Use Agreement

 Article 13 (Position of content, etc.) ① "Brecht Code" displays the following on the initial screen of the "content": It is displayed in an easy-to-understand way for users.

1. Name or title of "Content"

2. Date of production and display of "Content"

3. "Content" creators

4. Contents of "Content", method of use, usage fee and other conditions of use

② "Brecht Code" provides "users" with information on available devices for each "content" and minimum technical specifications required for use during the contract conclusion process.

 Article 14 (Establishment of use contract, etc.) ① "Users" may apply for use through the following or similar procedures provided by "Brecht Code" do. "Brecht Code" provides information so that "users" can accurately understand the matters of each subparagraph and make transactions without mistakes or errors before signing a contract.

1. Browsing and selecting the "Content" list

2. Enter name, address, phone number (or mobile phone number), e-mail address, etc.

3. Confirmation of the content of the terms and conditions and the actions taken by the "Brecht Code" for the "content" that cannot be withdrawn.

4. Indication of agreeing to these terms and conditions and confirming or rejecting the items in subparagraph 3 above (e.g., mouse click)

5. Consent to confirmation of application for use of "content" or confirmation of "Brecht Code"

6. Selection of payment method

② "Brecht Code" may not accept or defer approval if the application for use of "user" falls under any of the following cases.

1. If it is not a real name or someone else's name is used

2. If false information is provided or the content suggested by the "Brecht Code" is not provided

3. Minors Youth Protection ActIf you want to use "content" that is prohibited by

4. In case there is no room for service-related facilities, or there is a technical or business problem

③ Acceptance of "Brecht Code" Article 16  The contract is deemed to have been concluded when it reaches the "user" in the form of the receipt confirmation notice in paragraph 1.

④ The expression of intent to accept the "Brecht Code" includes information on the confirmation of the user's application for use, availability of service, correction and cancellation of the application for use, etc.

 Article 15 (Special Rules Regarding Contracts for Minors) "Brecht Code" is for minor users under the age of 20 to use paid services takes measures to notify before the conclusion of the contract that the minor himself or his/her legal representative may cancel the contract if the consent of the legal representative, such as a parent, is not obtained or ratification is not obtained after the contract is concluded.

 Article 16 (Receipt confirmation notification, change and cancellation of use application) ① "Brecht Code" is a "user" when there is a user application for use acknowledgment of receipt.

② "User" who has received the acknowledgment notice may request change or cancellation of the application for use immediately after receiving the acknowledgment notice if there is any discordance between expressions of intent, and "Brecht Code" is a request made by the "user" before the service is provided. If there is, the request must be processed without delay. However, if the price has already been paid, the cancellation of subscription, etc. Article 27according to the regulations of

 Article 17 (Obligations of "Brecht Code") ① "Brecht Code" believes in exercising rights and fulfilling obligations stipulated by the law and these terms and conditions You must do it with sincerity.

② "Brecht Code" must have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that "users" can safely use "content" and disclose and comply with the privacy policy.

③ "Brecht Code" takes measures so that "users" can frequently check the use of content and details of its payment.

④ If "Brecht Code" recognizes that the opinions or complaints raised by "users" in relation to the use of content are legitimate, they will be processed without delay. For opinions or complaints raised by users, we use the bulletin board or deliver the process and results through e-mail.

Article 18 (Obligations of "Users") ① "Users" shall not engage in the following acts.

1. Write false information when applying or changing

2. Theft of other people's information

3. Change of information posted on "Brecht Code"

4. Transmission or posting of information (computer programs, etc.) prohibited by the "Brecht Code"

5. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of "Brecht Code" and other third parties

6. Acts that damage the honor of "Brecht Code" and other third parties or interfere with their work

7. Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent words or texts, images, sound, or other information against public order and morals on the website of "Brecht Code"

8. Other illegal or unfair acts

② "Users" must comply with relevant laws, the provisions of this agreement, usage guides, notices announced in relation to "contents", and matters notified by "Brecht Code", and interfere with other "Brecht Code" business. You must not do anything that is.

 Article 19 (Payment method) Payment for the use of "Content" can be made in one of the following ways. However, "Brecht Code" does not additionally collect any nominal fee for the payment method of "user".

1. Various account transfers such as phone banking, internet banking, and mail banking

2. Various card payments such as prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards

3. Online deposit without a bankbook

4. Payment by electronic money

5. Payment by gift certificate contracted with "Brecht Code" or recognized by "Brecht Code"

6. Payment by phone or mobile phone

7. Payment by other electronic payment methods, etc.

 Article 20 (Provision and suspension of content service) ① In principle, content service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

② "Brecht Code" may temporarily suspend the provision of content services in the event of maintenance, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, communication failure, or significant operational reasons. In this case, "Company" isArticle 11We notify "Users" by the method set forth in [Notification to "Members"]. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that "Brecht Code" cannot notify in advance, it may notify after the fact.

③ "Brecht Code" compensates for damages suffered by "users" due to temporary suspension of provision of content services without significant reasons. However, this is not the case when "Brecht Code" proves that there is no intention or negligence.

④ "Brecht" may conduct regular inspections if necessary to provide content services, and the regular inspection time is as announced on the service provision screen.

⑤ In the event that content services cannot be provided due to business item conversion, business abandonment, or integration between companies, Brecht Code" Article 11We notify "Users" by the method set forth in [Notification to "Members"].

 Article 21 (Changes in content service) ① "Brecht Code" provides content for operational and technical needs if there is a significant reason Services may change.

② "Brecht Code" posts the reason for the change, the contents of the content service to be changed, and the date of provision, etc., on the initial screen of the content for more than 7 days before the change in case of changing the content, usage method, and usage time of the content service.

③ In the case of Paragraph 2, if the changed content is significant or unfavorable to the "user", the "Brecht Code" may be used to inform the "user" who receives the content service. Article 11Notify and obtain consent by the method set forth in [Notification to Members]. At this time, "Brecht Code" provides pre-change services to "users" who refuse to consent. However, if the provision of such services is impossible, the contract may be terminated.

Article 22 (Provision of information and posting of advertisements) ① "Brecht Code" provides various information deemed necessary by "users" while using contents by means of notices or e-mails. members" can be provided. However, "members" may refuse to receive information at any time through e-mail, etc.

② If the information in Paragraph 1 is to be transmitted by phone or facsimile transmission device, it is transmitted after obtaining the prior consent of the "member".

③ "Brecht Code" may post advertisements on the content screen, homepage, e-mail, etc. in relation to the provision of "content" service. "Members" who receive e-mails containing advertisements may reject the receipt to "Company".

 Article 23 (Delete of posts) ① "Brecht Code" is a media product harmful to youth that violates the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. If this is posted, it will be deleted without delay. However, bulletin boards that can only be used by "users" over the age of 19 are an exception.

② A person whose legal interests have been infringed upon by information posted on a bulletin board operated by "Brecht Code" may request the "Company" to delete the information or to post a refutation. In this case, "Brechtcode" will take the necessary measures without delay and notify the applicant immediately.

 Article 24 (Attribution of copyright, etc.) ① Copyright and other intellectual property rights for works created by "Brecht Code" belong to "Brecht Code".

② Among the services provided by "Brecht Code", the copyright and other intellectual property rights for the works provided by the partnership agreement belong to the provider.

③ "Users" may reproduce, transmit, publish, or reproduce information for which intellectual property rights are attributed to "Brecht Code" or the provider among the information obtained by using the service provided by "Brecht Code" without prior consent from "Company" or the provider. You must not use it for commercial purposes or let a third party use it by distribution, broadcasting or other methods.

④ "Brecht Code" obtains permission from the "user" when using the copyrighted work of the "user" according to the agreement.

 Article 25 (Personal Information Protection) ① "Brecht Code" Article 7  In addition to the application details in Paragraph 2, we may collect the minimum information required for the use of the content by the "user". To this end, "Users" must faithfully notify the truth about the inquiries made by "Brechtkod".

② When "Brecht Code" collects "personal information" that can identify the "user", the consent of the "user" is obtained.

③ "Brecht Code" cannot use the information provided by the "user" in the application for use, etc. and the information collected pursuant to Paragraph 1 for any other purpose without the consent of the "user" or provide it to a third party._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_However, the following cases are exceptions.

1. If it is necessary for statistical writing, academic research or market research, and is provided in a form in which a specific individual cannot be identified

2. When it is necessary for the settlement of fees according to the provision of "content"

3. When it is necessary to verify identity to prevent theft

4. If there is an unavoidable reason required by the provisions of the terms and conditions or laws

④ If "Brecht Code" is required to obtain the consent of the "user" pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 3, the identity of the person in charge of managing "personal information" (affiliation, name, phone number and other contact information), purpose of collection and use of information Specify and notify matters stipulated in Article 22, Paragraph 2 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. regarding the purpose and matters related to information provision to third parties (recipient, purpose of provision, and contents of information to be provided), etc. Must do.

⑤ "Users" may arbitrarily withdraw the consent in Paragraph 3 at any time.

⑥ "Users" may at any time request to view and correct errors in their "personal information" possessed by "Brecht Code", and "Brecht Code" shall be obligated to take necessary measures without delay. If a "user" requests correction of an error, the "company" will not use the "personal information" until the error is corrected.

⑦ "Brecht Code" limits the number of administrators for the protection of personal information, and minimizes the number of "users" due to loss, theft, leakage, alteration, etc. of "user"'s "personal information" including credit cards and bank accounts. "Responsible for any damages.

⑧ "Brecht Code" or a person who receives "personal information" from it may use "personal information" within the scope agreed by the "user", and when the purpose is achieved, the "personal information" is destroyed without delay.

⑨ "Brecht Code" strives to protect the "personal information" of "users" as stipulated by related laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. Regarding the protection and use of "personal information", the relevant laws and the privacy policy of "Brecht Code" apply.

      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Chapter 4 Withdrawal of subscription, cancellation/termination of contract and restriction of use of content use contract

 Article 26 ("User"'s withdrawal of subscription and contract cancellation/termination) ① Signing a contract with "Brecht Code" for use of "Content" A "user" may withdraw the subscription within 7 days from the date of receiving the notification of confirmation of receipt. However, if "Brecht Code" takes any of the following measures, "User"'s right to withdraw subscription may be restricted.

1. In the case of including facts about "content" in which the subscription cannot be withdrawn

2. In case a trial product is provided

3. In case of provision of temporary or partial use, etc.

② "User" may cancel or terminate the content use contract within 1 month from the date of supply of the "content" or within 10 days from the date of knowing or being able to know the fact in the case of any of the following reasons.

1. If the "content" agreed in the contract of use is not provided

2. If the "content" provided is different or has a significant difference from display, advertisement, etc.

3. In case normal use is significantly impossible due to defects in other "contents"

③ Withdrawal of subscription under Paragraph 1 and cancellation/termination of contract under Paragraph 2 become effective when the "user" expresses his/her intention to the "Brecht Code" by phone, e-mail or facsimile transmission.

④ "Brecht Code" shall reply to the "user" without delay after receiving the expression of intention to withdraw the subscription or cancel or terminate the contract indicated by the "user" in accordance with Paragraph 3.

⑤ “Users” may request complete repair of defects in “contents” or service use by setting a considerable period before expressing their intention to cancel or terminate the contract for the reason of Paragraph 2.

 Article 27 (Effect of withdrawal of subscription and cancellation/termination of contract by "user") ① "Brecht Code" indicates the intention of "user" to withdraw subscription It must be refunded in the same method as the payment within 3 business days from the date of indication or the date of reply to the "user" about the intention to cancel or terminate the contract, and if refund is not possible in the same way, it must be notified in advance.  

② When the "Company" refunds in accordance with Paragraph 1, the "User" may deduct and refund the amount corresponding to the profits obtained from using the service.

③ "Brecht Code", in refunding the above amount, when a "user" pays for goods, etc. with a payment method such as credit card or electronic money, without delay, causes the business operator that provided the payment method to pay for the goods, etc. Request to suspend or cancel the claim. However, this may not be the case if the amount deduction in Paragraph 2 is required.

④ If "Brecht Code", "person who received payment for content, etc." or "person who signed a content use contract with the user" is not the same person, each person has obligations related to refund of payment due to subscription withdrawal or contract cancellation/termination are jointly and severally responsible for the implementation of

⑤ "Brecht Code" does not claim a penalty or compensation for damages to "users" for the reason of withdrawal of subscription. However, it does not affect the claim for damages for cancellation or termination of the contract by the "user".

 Article 28 (Cancellation, Termination, and Restrictions on Use of the Company) ① "Brecht Code" is Article 12  In the case of performing an act specified in Paragraph 2, the contract may be canceled or terminated without prior notice, or service use may be restricted by setting a period.

② Cancellation or termination of Paragraph 1 takes effect when the "Brecht Code" expresses its intention to the "user" according to the notification method set by itself.

③ Regarding the cancellation/termination and restriction of use of "Brecht Code", "User" may file an objection according to the procedure set forth by "Brecht Code". At this time, if the "Company" recognizes that the objection is justified, the "Company" immediately resumes the use of the service.

 Article 29 (Effect of contract cancellation/termination of 'Brecht Code') Notice of cancellation/termination of use contract due to reasons attributable to "user" the effect Article 27shall apply. However, "Brecht Code" refunds the "user" in the same way as the payment within 7 business days from the date of expression of intent to cancel or terminate the contract.

      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Chapter 5 Misconduct, damage compensation, etc.

 Article 30 (False Charges) ① "Brecht Code" should refund the full amount in the same way as the payment of the usage fee in case of an overcharge. do. However, if a refund is not possible in the same way, it will be notified in advance.

② If an overcharge occurs due to a cause attributable to "Brecht Code", the "Company" refunds the full amount of the overcharge regardless of contract costs and fees. However, if an overcharge occurs due to a cause attributable to the "user", the "user" must bear the cost of refunding the overcharge to the extent reasonable.

③ Brecht Code is responsible for proving that the usage fee has been duly charged in the case of refusal to refund for the mistake claimed by the "user".

④ "Brecht Code" is a refund procedure for overpayment Digital Content User Protection Guidelinesprocessed accordingly.

 Article 31 (Compensation for user damage caused by content defects, etc.) "Brecht Code" refers to the standard, scope, method, and Procedures Digital Content User Protection Guidelinesprocessed accordingly.

 Article 32 (Disclaimer) ① "Brecht Code" cannot provide "content" due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure. Responsibility for providing "content" is waived.

② "Brecht Code" is not responsible for any obstacles to content use due to reasons attributable to "users".

③ "Brecht Code" is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of information, data, and facts posted by "members" in relation to "contents".

④ "Brecht Code" is not responsible for disputes between "users" or between "users" and a third party through "content".

 Article 33 (Dispute Resolution) "Brecht Code" reflects legitimate opinions or complaints raised by "users" in the event of a dispute to take appropriate and prompt action. However, if prompt processing is difficult, "Brecht Code" notifies the "user" of the reason and processing schedule.

      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Chapter 6 Dispute Competent Court

Article 34 (Court of Dispute) If the dispute is legally expanded, it shall be dealt with by the German jurisdiction  court where the "Brecht Code" is located. .

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